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It is a challenge


We are small, but innovative company. We dream to compete with IBM or ACCENTURE with IBM like services, and at a fraction of the IBM cost. So, do challenge us to do what IBM services can do for you, negotiate the prices with us and see for yourself, about how do we work on it. Finally, there will be no claim of money, till you get satisfactory results from us! We believe that unless and until we do this, we will be thrown away on the streets by conscious companies.


We are an IT company, providing the ART of HELPDESK service. We understand that HELPDESK Engineers are not machines, nor your company users, who use them. And hence, instead of only Scientific HELPDESK work, we started transforming it into an EMOTIONAL HELPDESK work. We believe and hence work towards the goal of making our HELPDESK engineers, PASSIONATE about their work. They are the youngsters in the field, with maximum energy to work. They are like your air hostesses, who like to travel a lot and enjoy, servicing your request with always ON smiling face. Our Engineers are trained to allow users to speak up! They are trained to LISTEN. They are trained to ASSIMILATE, about what the user’s say. And they are trained to apply their knowledge to resolve the issue, at the earliest. They are trained to NOT get afraid, in case they do not know the solution. We repeatedly told them that all HELPDESK engineers do not know everything and it is nothing WRONG! Rather ESCALATE it in time. They are told to ask questions, to their seniors. (You are right, the seniors are trained to help and manage them. They are sitting in our offices, across the globe, to work, any time; if there is a problem with HELPDESK engineers from HCT, anywhere around the Globe.). There are numerous instances for HELPDESK engineers from HCT, who escalated stuff from HKG to New York, to get the proper support, IN TIME, EACH TIME, EVERY TIME.

Of course we also help them to get trained in the latest technologies like Windows 7 or Direct Access or BranchCache or Hyper-V, because that will help you to utilize the latest available technology to be used in your company to improve the services quality or efficiency.

They are masterpieces in using scripts (or scriptlets, as we lovingly call them; written by some of our senior engineers), sitting at one location, they can get you the details of your entire Windows PC inventory, within about one hour, if all of your PCs are switched ON and networked! Yes, you will get all the PCs details, including their model, serial numbers, Operating System Patches and even what all applications are installed there.

One of our senior engineer made them more lazy, by teaching them how to package one complex Windows application, so that, every time they need to install it, they simply run a script to get it installed in the PC (if it is networked)

In short, if you hire one of them, you will be amazed at what they can do for you. Keep them in your good book, and they will deliver you all the results, that you were looking for!

We offer IT Help Desk, Audio-Visual (AV) Managed Services & Telecom Managed Services under our Corporate Technology services. If you are seeking a dedicated and guaranteed service levels for your help desk service and other technical support needs, our Corporate Technology Services can give you exactly that.


With experience across several 1000+ seats based organization Help Desk across the globe, we are, do the following too

   *We guide the key decision makers on the Future Technology direction as well as hardware developments in relation to desktop and servers. This helps you to plan, decide and budget future desktop rollout or server infrastructure.
   *HCT backs up their engineers with experts sitting at HCT office, to support them, in case of escalated calls, which the engineers cannot resolve. In other words, you are getting services not onlyman power
   *If a person deputed from HCT is not liked by users from your organization, you can replace him with another engineer from HCT. In this way, you do not have to go for several interviews to choose a person and then go for several meetings with HR, before firing him. Also you know the price beforehand and do not have to sign separate contract.
   *HCT engineers get updated with Cloud services and technologies, and you can use their knowledgebase in case you wish to move in that direction.
   *Account manager deputed for your contract (whose cost is included in the Service Contract) will keep you updated on the latest technology and cost reducing technologies for servers and network (including international Leased lines or VPN), as well. Account managers are backed up by RnD section of HCT, India.
   *HCT engineers are dedicated to automation and reduce the current workload, to keep them stress free.


We have experienced professionals who can help you to manage and maintain all your Audio-Visual (AV) and Telecom setups for Enterprise Communication Systems and Conference systems in Equipment Racks and end points in each Desks, Meeting rooms, Board rooms, Training rooms and also in dedicated rooms for C Level executives.

Advantages of using extensive knowledge of HexCode in the AV & Telecom Managed services can be understand as below:

   *We have expert in AV Help Desk services including following up Check List prior to each AV meeting to prevent disaster.
   *Continuous observation of the systems and periodical suggestion for up gradation of the systems to prevent disaster.
   *Expertise in network related interfaces and error log understandings.
   *Extensive familiarization in AV system usage.
   *Expert in Disaster Management.
   *Consultancy for Telecom Cost reduction by analyzing the billings, interacting with service providers through high end compliant management skill. Identify and suggest the right hardware and software to use for your telephony network.

Under separate service contract we can offer too

   *IPLC, MPLS connection establishment, using our tier-1 ISP network services partnership, with guaranteed QOS.
   *Co-ordination with Tier-1 ISPs, to ensure the best possible and cost effective route and quality.
   *Combining different ISPs, to get best results and Disaster recovery options.
   *Day to day involvement to get best out of your PBX, Video Conference Systems, Unified Communication System, Converged Communication system, Call center applications, CRM, Voicemail, VOIP, Modems and fax machines for effective Enterprise Communication.
   *Design, Supply, Installation of Communications and AV systems whenever necessary.

Asia Pacific/Global presence to cater services worldwide through different teams under same higher management for Synergy.


We at HexCode Technologies, can offer you a best customer centric help desk outsourcing solution which is both dedicated and customized for Large Enterprise business and Small-medium Business (SMB’s) Houses. Our offer includes the following:

   *Large pool of engineers backed by Indian RnD division, specifically for you.
   *Support both at onsite and offshore.
   *24X7 support.
   *Disaster recovery site planning and maintenance.
   *Business Continuity Planning.
   *Future road map for your IT network, desktop and server infrastructure.
   *Software license management using KMS and scripts.

Hardware and software inventory management.


Other than normal day to day support we offer various different best possible customized techniques dedicated for your organizations, like:

   *Automated complex back up schedule using scripts.
   *Assessment of your Line of Business application for future Windows 7 rollout.
   *Packaging of line of Business applications for faster rollout.
   *Automated script based server installations.
   *Documentation for easy maintainable system of your complex network infrastructure.


Customer Service

Point Of Contact

1. The Help Desk is often the first point of contact for most callers.

2. Good telephone techniques are critical.

3. Talking to callers on the phone is not as easy as it seems.

Some facts

Hours Open
Happy customers
Working Days
Be Preapared to

Be Prepared to

Prepare & Perform

  • Relax
  • Be Concious
  • Be Confident

1. leaping to conclusions not allowed
2. let the customer say what they need to say

1. Ask questions
2. Take your time

How Do I ?

How do I do ?


We too have the following specific subject based expert engineers who can support your daily operation:

   *Maintaining DNS Servers.
   *Symantec NAC Configuration and Maintenance.
   *Maintenance of Exchange Servers or Lotus Notes including migration.
   *Maintenance SharePoint Servers including migration.
   *Daily operation of Application running on AS-400, like CICAP, iPas, etc.
   *Maintenance and configuration of Citrix Applications or RDP.
   *Bloomberg, Reuters etrade etc. including Patch update.
   *Configuration of Databases, including cluster support.

CMS and other industry specific server based applications.

Things To Remember

Things To Remember



Kind words do not cost much. Yet they accomplish much.
A man without a smiling face must not talk to customers.
Always do more than is required of you
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